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Evening Stock Watch-List: August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

Hello there! Below is your edition of this evening’s watch-list. We hope you have a great trading day tomorrow!Β 

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Futures At A Glance


+49 (.19%)

+9 (.31%)

+30 (.39%)

-70 (-.69%)

-4 (-.27%)


Salesforce ($CRM) runs the world when it comes to CRM’s (Customer relationship managers) which in essense is a digital roladex… but X 1,000. The company released really strong earnings this afternoon and gave the stock a great after-hours push. However, due to technicals i’m not so bullish on this name. Note on the chart how brutal the 160-163 area has been. So many “tops” and resistance levels its insane. However, earnings winners have really been moving well as of late (Note $HD). And any significant pull back to mid $150’s I would gobble up for a dip buy to play back towards a $160 take profit. But, anything over $160 has to be viewed as a short entry, unless insane volume and momentum points otherwise.

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