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Evening Stock Watch-List: July 25, 2019

Evening Stock Watchlist: July 25, 2019

July 25, 2019

Hello there! Below is your edition of this evening’s watch-list. We hope you have a great trading day tomorrow! 

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Futures At A Glance


+25 (+0.09%)

-0.75 (-0.02%)

-26 (-0.32%)

+565 (+5.86%)

-.80 (-0.06%)


iRobot Corporation ($IRBT) is an Appliances company in the Consumer Goods sector. This low-float stock plunged Tuesday afternoon, after releasing an earnings miss along with future guidance cuts in both EPS and revenue. Management has attributed the earnings miss to the ongoing Trade War between the United States and China, and who knows how long that will continue after the news we got earlier in the week. Still, this stock is interesting in particular because of the low share float and the extremely high short float. Coupled together, this should make for a nice breakout to the upside. I plan to day trade this over the $76.00 whole dollar natural resistance level for the gap fill from earnings!

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