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Evening Stock Watch-List: June 28, 2019

Stock Watch-List: June 28, 2019

June 28, 2019

Hello there! Below is your edition of this evening’s watch-list. We hope you have a great trading day tomorrow! 

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+660 (6.04%)

+8.70 (0.62%)


This pick may come as a suprise to our subscribers because of the insane amount of money we have captured on this to the long side. Believe me, I am a huge bull on microchips and love the run they have had the last few days sparked from $MU earnings win, however, tomorrow, just from a pure momentum aspect will be an opportunity to make money to the short side. I will be sizing in short small above $164, and look to get the full size on strength to $166. From there we should see our reversal and pull back towards $162 or even $160 depending on what overall markets are doing and the rest of the sector.


Atossa Genetics, Inc. ($ATOS) is a Diagnostic Substances company in the Healthcare sector. This low-float penny stock had an impressive gap up this morning, after releasing news that their Phase 2 Trial results showed positive results in breast density. The stock gapped up from the $2.30 level up to pre-market highs $3.31 before reversing into it’s gap fill. During after-hours trading this evening, ATOS started climbing back towards its previous $2.80 critical resistance level, which was tested several times throughout the day. I plan to day trade this over that $2.80 natural resistance level for the technical breakout pattern! 

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