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Evening Stock Watch-List: May 30, 2019

Nightly Stock Watch-List - May 30, 2019

May 30, 2019

Hello there! Below is your edition of this evening’s watch-list. We hope you have a great trading day tomorrow! 

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Futures At A Glance


+60 (0.24%)

+9.50 (.34%)

+24.50 (.34%)

+30 (+0.35%)

-5.60 (.44%)


Eltek Ltd. ($ELTK) is a Printed Circuit Boards company in the Technology sector. This micro-float penny stock went absolutely parabolic today, closing at a whopping +326% gain. The company released earnings this morning, which included a major EPS beat that sparked the initial momentum. We were able to make some huge trades on ELTK today, and I expect the momentum will continue into tomorrow, similar to $SOLY’s action yesterday. I plan to day trade this over the $7.00 natural resistance level for the descending wedge breakout! 

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