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Weekly Stock Market Newsletter – December 09, 2019

Weekly Stock Market Newsletter: December 09, 2019

December 09, 2019

Hello there! Below is your edition of this week’s newsletter. We hope you have a great trading week! 


Current Futures


-19 (-0.07%)

S&P 500:

-3 (-0.10%)


-8.25 (-0.10%)


+95 (+1.34%)


-0.30 (-.02%)

Last Week P/L

12/2: +$531     12/3: +$7,425     12/4: $0     12/5: $5,689.50     12/6: +$3,429

Total: +$17,074.50

State of the Markets

This past week was a blast! I got back to trading how I was a bit earlier in the year. As I mentioned last week I was making some adjustments to how I was going to trade in December and those adjustments have paid off already in a big way. Market volatility has really picked up. The reason for it is that we are heading into a critical timeline of December 15 for some things to be decided on trade. Currently there are large slew of tariffs set to go into effect on the 15th, and the big question is, can something be decided on in terms of a phase 1 deal to delay or get rid of those tariffs completely. Right now its the markets perception that they will likely be either delayed or cancelled. We can’t forget it was just early last week that Trump came out and was trashing trade talks like crazy. While no one really has an idea of whats going to happen, what we do know, is that there will be fantastic volatility this week both ways as we head towards that deadline.

Stocks To Watch This Week


SAGE Therapeutics ($SAGE) is a biopharmaceutical company, which is focused on developing medicines for central neervous system disease. I am going to be buying this over $65, with a hard stop at $62.99 and a price target of at least $70. I will be taking half profit on a pop over $70, and then be more patient with the second half. Take on look at fridays chart and you’ll be convinced on this technical breakout. However, it gets better, zoom out to the 5-day chart and look at the room this has for a major gap fill to the upside. The stock already gave us a little insight to its gap fill potential earlier last week on its run to $70+.


DocuSign, Inc. ($DOCU) is a Business Software and Services company in the Technology sector. This company received several analyst upgrades Friday morning(along with price target increases), fueled largely in part by the release of their 3Q earnings. The earnings happened to have a large “shock” factor because of the earnings beat and higher future forecast guidance. The stock did dip into Friday morning, but recovered nicely into the end of the day. I plan to day trade this over the $76.00 natural resistance level!

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